Monday, September 9 at St. James' Gate, Fox Creek

5:15pm - Players Arrival
5:30pm - Cocktails
5:45pm - Shootout
6:15pm - Meal
7:00pm - Open Floor Suggestions
7:30pm - Prizes
8:00pm - End

- 9th hole
- One (1) ball per Team Player

C,D,E $135.00 (Pars)
- Week 14: Daniel Dupuis/Jason Gendron (C), Michel Allain/Roger Allain (C), Ron Burns/Tyler Burns (C), Joel LeBlanc/Stephane LeBlanc (C), Simon Belliveau/Jean-Francois Cyr (D), Ali Benjelloun/Jean G LeBlanc (D), Dhany Charest/Jean-Marc Picard (E)

It is the responsibility of each player to advise Luc by email ( or by text (506 875-2679) that you will attend our Banquet. Unfortunately, if you forget to advise Luc that you will attend, we will not have a meal for you. You must advise Luc, no later than Tuesday September 3.


2019 Division Winners

AAPhilippe D'Astous / Justin Richard
ADenis (F) LeBlanc / Michel Leger
BYanik Boucher / Ronald Bourgeois
CLee Huntington / Tipper LeBlanc
DSimon Belliveau / Jean-Francois Cyr
EGhislain Chiasson / Eric Richard