• The committee will send to all participants a Draft copy of our Divisions.
  • Teams will have 1 week to appeal their Teams positioning within a Division by sending an email to the committee.
  • The Team must provide a reason(s) for the change to be reviewed.


  • Team scramble with match play every night, including the playoffs.
  • All Divisions will play from the White tees. Those 65 years of age and older will have the option of playing the White or Green tees. Skins play will not change.
  • Teams must play Best Ball on Holes 4 and 17 but only these two holes during the whole year, including the playoffs.
  • We need to know who won or tied the match
  • Teams need to register a score on holes 4 and 17.
  • Teams must turn in a score card every night.


  • Skin Format for the entire year - Birdies or better. Birdies that carried the skin forward each week will be in the shoot-out at the end of the year, if necessary.
  • Only those who play on Monday are eligible for skins.
  • No refunds except for a total Monday cancellation.
  • Skins will be played by divisions, AA-A-B and C-D-E.


  • For Holiday Mondays only.
  • Teams will be able to reschedule a Holiday match to play their match on Tuesday or Wednesday of the same week.
  • The Team that initiates the change, will have to advise the committee in writing (email) of the date that the match will be played and the Teams involved.
  • If the match is not played, team that rescheduled the match will loose the match.
  • The team that could play on Monday but agreed to reschedule, will be able to play on the Monday for the Skins and closest to the pin.
  • The rescheduled match(s) forfeit the right for Skins play and Closest to the pin.


  • Spares can be used all regular season and consolation.
  • Spares will be allowed to replace an injured or sick regular team player that cannot finish the season.
  • Committee to decide which spare(s) are eligible to replace the regular player.
  • We encourage Teams to call a Spare when a Team player is missing, you must have at least 1 regular player playing.
  • If you are unable to get a Spare, the team player that plays by himself is entitled to 1 mulligan per hole on Par 4’s and Par 5’s, except when putting on the green. Again, you cannot use your mulligan while putting on the green.
  • NO MULLIGAN on PAR 3’s.
  • Players playing by themselves will be allowed to choose, whether they play the original ball or the mulligan ball for their next shot.
  • Regardless of which ball you decide to play, you will have played your mulligan for this hole.
  • If the player putts from the rough or the fringe, it’s not considered a putt.


  • First 8 Teams in each division make the playoffs.
  • Quarter Finals: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5.
  • Ties will be broken by:
  • - Game between the 2 teams who tied
  • - If three (3) or more teams tie - Putt Off
  • - Putt Off - Only 1 player per team if more than 2 teams tied. Team may change their player after each putt.
  • Only Championship games can be rescheduled, no rescheduling for consolation matches or regular season.
  • Rescheduled matches must be played between Sunday and Saturday of the same week.
  • The request to extend your Playoff Final Match with agreement from both teams.
  • Teams must let the committee know that the match has been rescheduled with the day and time that the match will be played.


  • Consolation will be Scramble - Match Play format.
  • Three games will be counted for Consolation winner.
  • Your record will follow you whether in Championship or Consolation bracket.
  • Consolation Matches in each Division will be random picks.
  • Ties for Consolation championship will be broken by Putt Off:
  • - If three (3) teams are tied with 2 wins - we have a Putt Off with 3 teams
  • - Putt Off - Only 1 player per team if more than 2 teams tied. Team may change their player after each putt.

Committee Decisions

  • The committee has agreed to support our Fox Creek Driving Range. The committee wanted to give back to our favorite golf course.
  • The committee has decided to drop the practice of the winner’s bying a beer at the end of 9 hole play. We feel that this practice caused to much friction amongst some players. Having said that, if a team wants to have a side bet, they can proceed with their side bet.